My 8 Favourite Personal Development Sites

I absolutely love reading through websites about self-development, especially from people who are or were uber successful. It’s like having the wisdom of a great mentor at your fingertips anytime you want. These are my go-to’s for everything from productivity to self-confidence to inspiration to leadership. Without further ado:

  1. Robin Sharma – He’s the author of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and it’s sequel, Secret Letters from the Monk who Sold his Ferrari. This guy is the shit. Pardon my French. But really. There’s a blog, podcasts, YouTube videos. His wisdom and inspiration is endless and I can’t even begin to tell you how much value I’ve gotten from his content. My 8 Favourite Personal Development Sites
  2. SUCCESS – So much more than just a personal development site, it’s absolutely chock full of fantastic articles, advice, inspiration, and butt kicking motivation. I spend a LOT of time on this site…invaluable!
  3. Entrepreneur – While it is, as the name states, entrepreneurially (yes I just made that word up) focused, a lot of the articles are centered around self-improvement and self-development as the stepping stones to success in business and life.
  4. Pick the Brain – Love love LOVE this site! Massive amount of helpful, inspiring, fun articles that fall under 4 different categories: health, motivation, productivity, and self-improvement.
  5. Steven Aitchison – The best way I could describe his site and advice is…it’s all about how to be better at life. The tagline of the site is Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life. The perspectives offered and the advice given are truly life changing.
  6. Brian Tracy – Another one that is not only about building business, but personal development. His thoughts and ideas are so simple and applicable, without a bunch of sugar coating.
  7. Tony Robbins – He’s chock full of insights into how to be successful in every are of life. Super positive, super helpful stuff!
  8. Zig Ziglar – While Zig himself is no longer around, his website and name has been carried on by people who trained under him. I remember my dad listening to him when I was a kid. He was a very wise, very smart man and his website offers a ton of simple advice to reach your full potential.

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