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It’s incredible to think how differently each of our minds work and how unique every single person’s perspective is. Over time I’ve come across a bunch of very cool artists who obviously perceive the world around them completely differently from each other but whose art is equally stunning.


This first artist, Washington, DC based Alexa Meade kinda blows my mind. She paints real people to look like still life portraits and then photographs them.

Artist Alexa Meade

Artist Alexa Meade Artist Alexa Meade

This next one, I’m not sure who the artist is (I found this pic on but there’s no info about it), but holy crap! I get pissed off just trying to cut a straight line all the way through a piece of cardboard for the kids’ school projects, but yea, no, I can totally see how it would be possible to create huge, beautifully intricate pieces of art out of it. Yup. Totally.

Cool Shit - Art in Many Forms

The doodles I used to draw on various limbs when I was bored in class usually consisted of ‘I heart so and so’ or little flowers. Jody Steel, on the other hand, is into slightly more, uh, detailed drawing. Like, seriously? Amazeballs!

Designer/Director Jody Steel Designer/Director Jody Steel

Rashad Alakbarov‘s, art makes my brain hurt. Well, not the art itself, but the concept behind the art. Talk about seeing things differently from other people. I can’t even begin to imagine where a person would start, to create something like this. I mean, it’s one thing to have a picture in your mind and be able to reproduce it in a drawing or painting. I’m very much in awe of people who can do that. But to have a picture in your mind and be able to reproduce it by hanging miscellaneous objects in front of a light…I can’t quite wrap my head around that one.

Artist Rashad Alakbarov Artist Rashad Alakbarov

So not only are Keng Lye‘s creations painted photorealistically, a bunch of them have also been done without the use of 3D objects. just some paint on resin. Phenomenal!!

Artist Keng Lye Artist Keng Lye Artist Keng Lye

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