Right in the Feels – Leon Legothetis

I don’t watch/listen to/read the news. It’s massively negative and it brings me down. I figure if there’s something big enough and important enough going on that I need to know, someone (my mom) will tell me.

In an effort to counteract the focus put on the all the garbage going on around the world, I’m going to devote a post every week about the good stuff going on around the world. You know, people giving a shit about each other and all that.

This weekly post will also serve as a reminder to me to work on giving a shit about other people. I, like a lot of people, have a tendency to get wrapped up in my own little world and forget sometimes to look around and see who I can help out.

For my debut, Right in the Feels post, I want to talk about this guy, Leon Logothetis. Super cool, amazing guy. He used to be a stockbroker in London, but found himself feeling very meh about life. So he quit. Went on the road. And now travels the world, bringing kindness and compassion wherever he goes.

I came across one of his videos from his #GoBeKind tour on YouTube covering the story of a homeless man and his son. What Leon did for him was life changing and incredibly inspiring. Check it out:

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